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Independent Sales Representative

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Go through the website. Once you experience WhatsUpDocConnect for yourself we believe you will want to recommend it to everyone you know.

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Watch the videos on this site and the videos on the website. They tell the complete story. 

Become an ISR

 It’s time for you to join the ISR’s earning recurring commissions. We are living in a subscription (membership) economy. Instead of just paying out money every month you’ll be on the other side…  Receiving money every month in recurring commissions!

Enter your information in the simple form below and start to earn those sweet recurring commissions.

We’ll send you an Email to get you started with your ISR registration. Check your inbox and spam folder incase you don’t get the Emails.

You will need a Redemption Code

In order to become an ISR you need to use the Redemption Code that was provided by an existing ISR, or a Redemption Code that was in the promotion, or advertisement. You will have the opportunity to enter a Redemption Code when you receive your email registration confirmation.

Summary of Terms Defined

Independent Sales Representative

As a Standard ISR, you may become a Super ISR (in addition to your Standard ISR commissions) and receive commissions for Sales made by Standard ISRs who have enrolled in the WhatsUpDocConnect ISR program using your ISR ID.

To qualify as a Super ISR you must have at least one Standard ISR that enrolls in WhatsUpDocConnect’s ISR Program using your ISR ID. For each Standard ISR that signs up with your ISR ID, meets the ISR requirements set forth in the ISR Agreement, and receives commissions, you shall receive, in addition to your Standard ISR commission, an additional commission based on the Sales made by the ISR who signed up using your ISR ID (the “Super ISR Commission”).

The Redemption Code (sometimes referred to as Code) is an alphanumeric word that assigned to you and appears in your ISR dashboard and is used on your business cards and other collateral material. It is unique to you and is used for the purpose of linking you to your prospective members (so you get the credit for the sale) and it provides a free month for the member. Use your Redemption code  when you are promoting WhatsUpDocConnect to get credit for the sale.  Also when signing up ISR’s

You don’t have to maintain active status to get a commission, however, ISRs must maintain active status by making at least three Sales in any given three month period (a minimum of three new paying members per quarter) in order to receive commissions greater than the lowest commission tier. 

In the event that active status is not maintained, you will continue to receive commissions payments, calculated at the lowest commission rate, for a period of one year from your last month of activity.  After one year of inactivity, your commission will no longer be paid and will be forfeited. 

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